Work Team and taking part associations

The documentary project "Lost Objects" is promoted by Mikel Zabalza Gogoan Herri Ekimena initiative. Production and recording labours are being carried out by and Filmotek producer, with the participation of and Eguzki Bideoak. Besides, this project is supported by Euskal Memoria and Egiari Zor foundations.

The following members form part of the work team:


Aitor Balbás Ruiz

Video-activist in Eguzki Bideoak for 13 years. He has participated in documentaries: “Donde se cuece la guerra” (2005) (Where war is boiled) , “Piztera!” (2007) (Light up), “Itoitz hustu arte” (2008) and “Los malos sueños de René Petit” (2014) (René Petit's Bad Dreams)


Aitor Merino

Actor and director. His career has been mainly in cinema, theatre and television. He has

worked for directors such as Montxo Armendáriz, Pilar Miró, Carlos Saura Medrano, Manuel Matji and Icíar Bollaín, among others. As a director, his short film “El Pan Nuestro” (Our Bread) has been awarded at numerous national and international festivals and he was nominated for the Goya Awards for “Asier ETA biok ” (Asier and I). His first full-length documentary (codirected with Amaia Merino) won the Irizar Award at the 61st Donostia Zinemaldia as well as various international prizes.


Miguel Angel Llamas “Pitu”

Audiovisual production technician. He works for, a news website. Previously, he worked in and Ateak Ireki, also news websites. He has participated in documentaries such as "Los Trileros Forales", "¿Donde esta el dinero de la CAN?" or "Aske Gunea, la desobendiencia en estado puro".


Aritz Gorostiaga Eskubi

Cameraman and editor. He has worked in different companies and media as video editor and camera. He has been responsible for image for the Pamplona Film Festival. Furthermore, he is specialized in the technical adaptation of films in the project Accessible Cinema: Production of accessibility (audio description and colour subtitles) for film and DVD.

He has participated in the following film work: “Focus on Gulu” (2010), “Mana Kanchu-No There´´ (2009), ``Sahara is not sold´´ (2007), ``Pamplona, so far from yesterday to today´´ (2005), ``Bagdad Rap´´ (2004 winner for Best Editing in the 8th Festival International Documentary Santiago Álvarez in Memoriam of Santiago de Cuba in March 2007).


Iñigo Ruiz Balbas

Video-activist in Eguzki Bideoak.


Iñigo Ganzarain Source

Director and post-production technician. He has participated in documentaries like “Los Malos Sueños de Rene Petit” (2015), “Egunero” (2010), “Piztera!” (2007), “What about Columbus” (2012) or “Nomadak Tx” (2007), in this last one as assistant director and which managed, after being shown at one hundred festivals, 15 international prizes, including a special mention by the European Associated Producers in the San Sebastian Film Festival.

He has also worked for EITB as head writer for the program Euskadi Komantxe. He has

directed video clips like Bukaera by the San Sebastian group Erroma and has participated in the project to integrate people with reduced mobility Free2move, for which he carried out different awareness short films banners and advertising spots.